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Start coaching young migrants at Stichting Piëzo, Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer, South Holland, Netherlands
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Do you want to become a coach/buddy for a young adult who's living in the Netherlands for just a few years? This is your chance!

You can help them improve their Dutch language and explore their possibilities for the future in twenty sessions. Involving:

- helping them with their homework.

- finding an education that fits.

- learning them how to present themselve in front of a group.

- finding volunteering work or a small job with them.

- another important aspect is helping them to get a (social) network, for example: going to a sportclub together.

In this project we use a webapplication with a language coachingsprogramm, with lots of information and practical advices and material to use for you as a coach. This programm entains material for twenty sessions.

Do you want to help them achieve their dreams and increase their self-confidence? We would be very glad if you want to join us. Dont't hesitate to contact us!

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Our organization gives people the opportunity to discover and develop their talents and skills. So they can participate in our society as fully as possible, based on their individual talents.