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Aanmeldingen sluiten in 2 months

Green UvA Platform is looking for a new chair(wo)man!

Vacature · Jan 1–Dec 31
Amsterdam, Nederland
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Aanmeldingen sluiten in 2 months
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As chair you are responsible for setting up and chairing the monthly meetings with the SSO and hosting the monthly drinks. You are the face and contact person of the Green UvA Platform. Thus you get to attend several interesting meetings and gatherings with facility employees, the CSR and FGW other sustainable student organisations in Amsterdam and organisations in the rest of the country. 


What we ask:

  • Strong enthusiasm for sustainability.
  • Leadership in taking decisions.
  • Good at delegating tasks.
  • Strong representation of the Green UvA Community in meetings and at gatherings.
  • Social host of the Monthly Drinks.
  • Preferably control of the Dutch language (due to several external meetings being in Dutch).
  • +/- 8 hours p/w

What we offer:

  • A position in the Green UvA Community and the friends and network that comes with it.
  • Contact with many sustainable student organisations.
  • Involved with many sustainable activities.
  • Support from established sustainability groups at the UvA.
  • Collaboration and strategic sessions with other team members who care about sustainability.
  • A chance to make the world a better place. 

Hoe kom ik er?

Over Green UvA Platform

The Green UvA Platform is an initiative that aims at developing a sustainability community at the UvA. The current collaboration exists of SFSA, Green Office, Fossil Free Uva and Milieudefensie. The Green UvA Platform offers an easy way to get in contact with students who are interested in sustainability.