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We provide English language education to refugees and asylum seekers in Utrecht. We help refugees pick up where they left off before leaving home. Through our courses and development workshops, ...

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English Teacher Volunteer

Start vanaf 8 jan 2019
Janskerkhof 3, Utrecht, Netherlands
Vluchtelingen & MinderhedenSociale rechtvaardigheidOnderwijs
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About us:

English Academy for Newcomers (EAN) is a young NGO, based in Utrecht. We are a multicultural team of volunteers that helps people with the support from the Applied Linguistics team at Utrecht University. We help refugees and asylum seekers find stability in the Netherlands. EAN teaches English to refugees that want to improve their English language skills either to pursue an education in the Netherlands or for other reasons. We are a friendly, international team of people who are focused on creating an environment of continuous learning among our students and teachers.

Note: We are a volunteer organization and all positions are currently unpaid.

Job role:

This role offers you an opportunity to work with an enthusiastic group of volunteers and students who want to improve their English language skills. Our end goal is for the students to attend and pass the IELTS exam, so that they can enroll in a university.

The upcoming teaching trimester starts on January 8, 2019. As a volunteer teacher, you will receive a pre-launching workshop by Dr. Marije Michels of Applied Linguistics on teaching a foreign language, which will provide you with the basics of teaching that you will need.

We believe in the power of cooperation. As such, classes are taught in pairs and teachers can always rely on their co-teachers for support. Teachers work best when they're well equipped. That is why we have a wealth of classroom materials on hand. Teachers are not expected to create lesson plans from scratch, but rather to adapt and assemble them from existent materials.

Students aren't the only one's expected to develop. Teachers grow in their professional capacity by responding to feedback. The organization as a whole grows in its operational capacity by responding to teacher feedback. Taken together, our volunteer teachers are expected to both give and receive feedback.


  • Communicate clearly to students and administration.
  • Punctuality in undertaking and attending classes.
  • Ability to understand cultural background and sensitivity of the students.
  • Ability to receive and respond to feedback from students.
  • Complete the curriculum according to schedule.
  • Periodically assess student performance.
  • Coordinate lesson plans with co-teacher.


  • Fluency in English (preferably a native English speaker)
  • Commitment to contribute once a week for a class on either Tuesday or Thursday from 18:00-20:00. With approximately one hour of preparation before every class.
  • Ability to attend the monthly teacher meetings.

We appreciate candidates who bring a positive energy to the classroom such that class time is an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, candidates should be expected to develop themselves, improving over the course of the year in response to feedback.

How to apply:

We are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team. If you would like to make a difference and have a fulfilling volunteer teaching experience at EAN, please apply to this vacancy by clicking on the link below. Please submit your CV and tell us what are some of the reasons that motivated you to apply for this role.

Want to know more about us? please, visit our website

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We provide English language education to refugees and asylum seekers in Utrecht. We help refugees pick up where they left off before leaving home. Through our courses and development workshops, refugees can continue their education, find a job and build community.

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