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Intro into our Digital world to Starting Entrepreneurs (in English)

Eenmalig · 4 Jul
Moermanskkade 91, 1013 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Deze deed is vol. Aanmeldingen zijn gesloten.
Uitgebreide omschrijving

Show newcomers (statushouders) to the country in a fun way how we work!

In coopoeration with Stichting Make IT Here, you have the opportunity to show new comers to our country how we role.

Stichting Make IT Here

Empowers newcomers to The Netherlands to kickstart their professional life, by handing the right tools and teaching practical skills in online marketing.

Through leverage of knowledge, network and our their experiences as entrepreneurs they aim to close the gap between arriving as a refugee and finding sustainable employment as a ‘Nieuwe Nederlander’.

What can we offer?

The idea is to give a group of newcomers a glimpse of what they can expect when they are going to start working in the Online industry by giving them a tour of our office and explaining what your job entails for example. No need to prepare a lot as giving them an example of a typical day at the office will already help them tremendously!

When: week of July 4th

Time: 9.30 - 12.30

Where: our office

Hoe kom ik er?

Over Dentsu Aegis Network

Social Impact refers to the impact on society and possible social problems. The relevance of Social Impact in the business context reflects the growing recognition that we as a company have more than just economic interests or financial responsibilities. That is why we set up this program that makes it possible for Dentsu Aegis employees to engage in voluntary work, work in an environmentally conscious manner and thus make a positive contribution to sustainability.