Inspiration Session:
Business Involved

Business Involved combines social and professional resources to do good. Do you want to involve businesses in your city? Join the inspiration session to find out how!

In this free inspiration session on the 28th of June at 10:00, we invited Rachida el Alami, Project Manager at Volunteer Centre Amsterdam, Rita Molenkamp-Szucs, Policy Advisor at the Municipality of Amsterdam, and Joel Dori, Startup Liaison for the Municipality of Amsterdam to discuss how to best involve businesses to volunteer in your municipality.

We discuss the role of the municipality, the volunteer centre, and Deedmob, look at the benefits and corporate volunteering, and how this solution can be implemented in other municipalities!

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Rachida el Alami

Rachida el Alami
Rachida is Project Manager for Volunteer Centre Amsterdam. She connects organisations and companies in Business Involved and Mix and Match. She also helps people meaningful volunteer work and gives information about volunteer work.


Rita Molenkamp-Szucs
Rita is working as senior policy advisor for Amsterdam International Business, the official foreign investment agency of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area within the Economic Department of the City Government of Amsterdam.

Joel Dori

Joel Dori
Joel is the startup liaison for the Municipality of Amsterdam. He oversees Amsterdam's startup ecosystem, managing data on the city's startups, co-working spaces, corporates connected to the Corporate Network, relevant events and more.

Hendrik-Jan Overmeer
Hendrik-Jan is Founding Team Member at Deedmob. He founded a charity funding the construction of wells in Africa, runs lectures about politics for children and students, and has founded an organisation which engages young people with their local politicians.