Our Vision & Mission

So much more can be done to address societal problems, from climate change to homelessness and from the refugee crisis to child obesity. By empowering everyone to contribute to a better world, we can come a long way in solving these problems. Currently, it’s hard to find impactful high-quality volunteering opportunities. We envisage a future where opportunities to do good from across the world are organized in one place, with excellent discovery tools which incentivize impactful high-quality volunteering work.

It is our mission to empower everyone to contribute to a better world.

What we're building

We are creating the discovery and collaboration tool to enable anyone to do good anywhere in the world, based on your availability, skills, and desired impact. We are building a future where you just need to take your phone out of your pocket to start contributing to a better world, wherever you are. When it becomes so easy to do good, non-profits will be incentivized to focus on creating high-quality impactful opportunities to do good. Volunteering will become a much better experience and, as a result, many more people will contribute to a better world.

How we get there 🧠

Step 1: Build the infrastructureBuild a great technical infrastructure and network for people and non-profits to do good together: deedmob.com.
Step 2: Grow the networkGrow our community by making our platform infrastructure available to organizations that already engage communities of volunteers and non-profits - such as local governments. All these platforms share the same database and all activity of non-profits and volunteers is aggregated on deedmob.com. Together with our partners, we build a global community for good!
Step 3: Enable organisationsEnable non-profits to spread their support requests instantly across the world. We develop specialised technology for non-profits to manage their volunteers, online presence, database of donors, and much more. All this technology is integrated within our network. At the same time, we enable big organisations such as corporates to engage their people to help non-profits on a global scale with specialised CSR software.

The people making this happen

As regular volunteers ourselves, we as a team fully embody the company’s mission by inviting people to experience the feeling of doing good and multiply their social impact.

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